Being installers of brand leading manufactures Hikvision, we offer the latest technology in camera security. Covering both internal and external applications and ranging from a standard 2mp fixed turret all the way to 4k recording with optional facial recognition, you are sure to feel secure with your home.


Alarms are a big part of feeling safe at home and usually an over looked item during initial build stages, forgetting to add cables where they are needed. However, with the advancements in wireless technology you can now have a fully functioning alarm system powered by long life batteries which will update you when they need replacing, without losing any of the features that you find with hardwired systems.

Entry Systems

Automated gates and video entry systems are increasingly more popular in today’s homes. They help to increase your privacy as well as giving you control on who can enter and when through your gates or walkway. Using entry systems allows you to see and talk to anyone at your door whilst you are anywhere in the world and even choose to let them in whilst you are not at home.


Hardwired Networks

A hardwired network is the best way to distribute data to fixed devices around your home. With the data cabling in place you can enjoy your fastest possible broadband from your provider with minimal loss or latency. Most service providers will issue you with a router which can offer the basic speeds promised by them, but by replacing this with a better class of router and high speed network switch you can enjoy using your devices at the best speeds possible. 

Wireless Networks

Some devices around your home cannot access the internet with a hardwired point, or it is more convenient to keep such devices mobile. To do this we create a solid mesh using wireless access points which would allow your devices to connect to the strongest signal available. This means having a reliable WiFi network across your home, rather than losing signal the further you get away from your router.