Home automation used to be a futuristic look into what a home could be like. One large universal remote which could turn on the TV, adjust your lights, select music and make the bed rotate. Only property tycoons, millionaire business owners and football players would show case the latest miracles of technology…but that was a long time ago. 

Automation now is not about how much you can do with your home, but more a centre of how much your home can do for you. It isn’t a demonstration of income and it isn’t a service which comes with constant maintenance at a high cost. 

Integration is all about how technology can make your life easier, more comfortable and more efficient. Below are a few examples of how…


Lighting is something we tend to take for granted in our homes. Yes, we use light to see what we are doing. But what about when we want to relax and take time for ourselves? When we are retreating into our favourite book, submersing ourselves into the latest movies or surrounding ourselves with friends and family. The correct lighting and scenes are the core structure of creating the atmosphere to bring us closer to the emotions that stir inside of us. With scene control, a simple touch of a button can take you to where your mind and soul want to be.


Gone are the days when you needed to remember to set your complicated programmer for your boiler. Trying to remember if you set the room stat to 16 or 26 degrees, heating up space that isn’t being used when you are late home or meeting a friend after work. Smart heating allows for you to control your radiators both inside and outside your home through an App on your mobile device. Select the temperature you desire either individually, or part of a scene. When you arrive back home from work, your home will know and instantly turn on your heating, ensuring that you are not wasting any energy heating empty spaces.


Mechanical controls can range from simply opening your curtains all the way to controlling windows, doors and even locks. Activate morning scenes to open your curtains and help you naturally wake up or open the Velux windows without the need to find the claw pole to try and hook the window open. Go one step further and have your electric gate integrated into your home. When you tell Niko that you are near home it can open the gates, turn on the outside lights and unlock your front door to allow you easy access without having to drop the hand full of shopping bags from the weekly trip.


There is no worse feeling than getting to work, the airport or that weekend trip away and suddenly think “did I remember to turn the lights off?” With mobile access you can check in on your home 24/7. You can turn the lights on and off, make sure the heating is lowered, ensure the doors are locked and the curtains are drawn. No more worrying or having to ask someone to come by the house and check as full control is at your fingertips.


With scene selections life could not be any easier when it comes to controlling your home. With the use of motion detectors you can get notifications when the kids are home or if someone has entered your house without you knowing. You can have any switch in the house activate any scene you want, like an All Off by the front door. Simple push the button once and your home knows you are away. The lights and heating go off, the windows shut and presence simulation is activated. That means the lights and curtains can operate at night when you are not home, giving the illusion to any potential burglar that someone is inside adding that extra security to keep you at ease.


Whether your hands are busy, you’re not near a switch or perhaps if you are physically unable to move easily around your home. Voice control makes living in your home that much easier. Simply use your voice to activate functions through-out your home which are designed to suit your needs. From turning on the kitchen lights, the background music or asking Niko to open the sliding doors in the dining room. Any function that is programmed into the system can be activated with a simple vocal command, allowing you to continue with your tasks without the need to drop everything you are doing.