Home automation used to be a futuristic look into what a home could be like. One large universal remote which could turn on the TV, adjust your lights, select music and make the bed rotate. Only property tycoons, millionaire business owners and football players would show case the latest miracles of technology…but that was a long time ago.

Automation now is not about how much you can do with your home, but more a centre of how much your home can do for you. It isn’t a demonstration of income and it isn’t a service which comes with constant maintenance at a high cost.

Integration is all about how technology can make your life easier, more comfortable and more efficient.

Easy to Use

With our customised touch screen you can control as much or as little of your home with one central control. Check to see if the lights are left on upstairs, control your music or select comfortable scenes to watch your favourite film in. Whatever action you would like your home to do is selectable through a simple and elegant design, which is also mimicked on your mobile device to control your home on the go.

App Control

What happens if someone rings your doorbell and you’re not home? Niko allows your visitor to talk to you directly through your mobile phone. With 2 way visual and audio communication you can see who is there, turn the outside light on and even open up your front door. So if you are running late and expecting guests, there is no need to leave them out in the rain waiting. Simply push a button and your loved ones can wait for you inside. 

Voice Control

Through partnerships with the best not only can you play your favourite music through your Niko system but you can even tell your home what you want to do! Imagine walking through your front door and telling your home you are back. Your home can greet you with turning on your lights, playing your favourite song and turning the heating up to keep you warm. If the kids get home first then you can even receive a personalised message so you know they are home safe.  


Satisfaction Guarantee

We love our customers and make sure that you are completly satisfied with every job.

Reliable Technology

We only use the latest in home automation technology to give you the best results. 

Free Demonstration

Get in touch today to arrange a free demonstration of the smart controls available for your home or business. 


Your lighting, heating, ventilation, shutters, sun blinds and much more, controlled from 1 central place using a touchscreen, your tablet or smartphone: that is home automation.